"Next to the Beatles, this is my favorite group."

"Rosewood was the highlight of our conference. Nice harmonies, good clean humor and a performance that left the audience clapping for more."

Y'all were terrific, and everybody is talking about it. As one guy says, "I've had 20 somethings and 30 somethings say, 'Man, weren't they great?' and then 60 and 70 somethings say, 'What a great band.' How often can one band please every single age group?!"

"Andy, I want to thank you and Dan and Stan for your amazing performance last night. I was expecting a fun jam session. WOW! was I surprised when you put on such a show! I loved it!  The staff is still talking about it."

"Love the CD. Our friends were blown away by the entire night: Local Color venue, Something Else Trio and especially Rosewood. A+++++++ to all of you."

"Really enjoyed your show at Moonlight! You guys are awesome performers!"

"This was a wonderful show. Thank you so much! We really enjoyed it and can't wait to see Rosewood again. Picking up that CD now. Amazing!"

"WONDERFUL SHOW LAST NIGHT.   All the way home the people we brought wanted to know all about the history of  Rosewood."

"You guys rock!  Thanks so much!"

"PERFECT show at Local Color on the 28th!"

"Wonderful music and great fun!"

"We all really enjoyed y'alls performance last nite."

"The show was wonderful! Y'all made my heart sing."

"A great show, terrific musicians and entertainers!"

"I'm impressed by, and enjoyed my review of the Rosewood Band. Original band members together for going on 30 years makes me think they're doing something right. It appears to me as if a group of old friends are doing something they enjoy. Life is good when you can get paid for doing something you enjoy."

"Had a great time last night, it all ended too soon! Looking forward to the next event!"

"Tonight with Rosewood was pure joy. Small crowd, but plenty of love in that venue tonight! Thanks to Andy, Stan, and Dan for a wonderful evening! And kudos to Merle and Garry for providing such a fantastic venue for these groups we love."